Can not scroll back in man pages via ssh in Mac Terminal

I connect to my linode via ssh in Mac Terminal(I've tried both rxvt and xterm emulation), but can not scroll back with `b'(b or ctrl-B Skip backwards k screenfuls of text [1]) while viewing man pages. It is very annoying.

Did anyone else encounter this problem? And how to fix it?

Besides, I find the ssh connection is quite slow, even slower than my shared host on dreamhost. I'm a CLI guy, so it is really frustrating for me:(

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Sounds like you're viewing man pages in more.

Assuming this is a debian-based distro (irc, less isn't installed by default in debian), apt-get update && apt-get install less.

Thanks. I've not noticed that less is not installed by default.

less is more than more.

Does that make sense?


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