Need help Installing XSL and libxslt to linode server


I am trying to configure/install XSL into the PHP version currently on my linode server (PHP 5.2). Linode instructed me to read up on this page as I have to connect to my linode server via SSH: … e_with_ssh">

I’m on windows so I downloaded putty and attempted to connect to my server with my IP address in Putty and immediately got an error message saying “Network error”. Can anyone tell me why I got this error and how to get around it so I can connect to my linode server with SSH.

Once I’ve connected to the server with SSH how do I install XSL and libxslt into the current PHP version from there?

Any help is appreciated


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Do you have a firewall on your Linode? Check if port 22 is blocked.

On Debian/Ubuntu, apt-get install php5-xsl will probably do what you need. On CentOS, try yum install php-xml.

Thanks for the reply, that's definitely a start… I'm still trying to fimiliarize myself with the linode control panel and I have no idea where to check if port 22 is blocked, I've been looking around and can't find anything… How do I check that?


Running (as root) iptables -nvL will show the current firewall rules. Of course, you'll need to be logged into your Linode - try the AJAX console.

Changing your firewall settings depends on exactly what OS and administration tools you are using. It is not handled through Linode's web interface, though.


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