Disk IO suddenly way up

My disc IO is suddenly 10x that what is averages for the past 6 hours.

How do I best figure out who is causing this?

Running centos with mysql/lighttpd, traffic numbers are about the same as yesterday.

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Hi, you can use iotop for that (at least in Debian) maybe there's something similar in Centos.

Another interesting tool is iostat (is in the sysstat package in Debian but I don't know in Centos).

thanks, those tools were useful.

Looks like its mysql:

0 0 23 76 0 0|mysqld 0.2| 0 36M

Writing out 36M is not good I think. I guess I need to optimize my mysql?

I was running into the same problem. Disk I/O suddenly jumped to 5X normal overnight. I'm running the Postgres database. I did a "vacuum analyze" to see if that would help, and disk I/O went back down to normal levels. I thought I had that in my daily cron job, but don't see it now.



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