Better than expected!.. Simply the best!

I switched to Linode after my previous VPS company decided to have down time almost everyday for 5 hours.. I ended up on Google and came across a blog article recommending the Linode website!

Signing up is flawless you enter your details click next and you instantly have a vps! - I had trouble with my credit card at first and a quick message on the forum confirmed it was my card company holding me back!

On logging in the first time i was asked where i wanted my Linode to be.. My old company forced me to be in Chicago when i live in England so it was a bit odd but hey im a happy chappy now! :)

The Linode control panel is simply THE BEST! - Its easy to work and has a lot of useful features! My favourite features have to be the shut down watchdog, the alert notifications and the Lish console and the security ip white list system and a guranteed 99.9% uptime is reassuring! It all goes towards giving you piece of mind at the end of the day!

The dashboard page has all the info you really need to know and the graphs are very pretty too :D

Support is great too.. Via the forum or the IRC i have always gotten answers to long-lost questions!

Also the fact you can "borrow" resources from other Linodes you own is awesome and that you can create your own profiles with disk images and resize, clone and delete with ease is awesome.. Buying extras seems simple although i havent tried it yet but im sure it simple enough to do!

Its unlike any other VPS host they dont just throw a premade package at you! Linode give you the freedom to make your own swap images, ram and disk settings.. So long i have bene looking for a service like this and well im truley amazed! - Once my blog propergates ill be writing away about this! :)

All i can say is me and Linode are going to have a very good business relationship from this day forward 8)

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