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So what do Linoders like to read?

I'm currently (almost finished) re-reading Tolstoy's Anna Karenina; next up on my list are Dostoevsky's The Idiot, Tolstoy's War and Peace, The First Circle by Solzhenitsyn, The Good Earth by Pearl Buck, Darkness at Noon by Arthur Koestler, and East of Eden by Steinbeck.

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I"m reading Steve Berry's works currently.

Templar Legacy

The Kolyma Tales, Maupassant books and Van Gogh letters to his brother.

I'm rereading C. S. Lewis's Space trilogy (again…).

Tolkein, Asimov, Lewis, etc…

I always enjoy reading Lewis. L'engle, Donaldson, Heinlein, and Brooks are all high on the list.


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