Additional IP configuration

I've purchased an additional public IP address for my linode from the control panel.

I then configured my network using the instructions in the linode library.

I'm using clean Debian 5 install so I placed the additional IP address and gateway into /etc/network/interfaces as eth0:0

I restarted networking and eth0:0 appears in the list underneath eth0

However I think I'm missing a step as the new interface doesn't appear to be doing anything. I can't ping from it, nor can I configure sshd to listen on the IP.

I've not got a firewall setup that's blocking it.

Can anyone suggest what I'm missing please?



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Got it working…a reboot fixed it.

Adding an IP requires a reboot ;)

Ok thanks - I thought a quick network restart would fix it :roll:

Now to get the new IP working with an OpenVZ container…

A warning: virtualization-inside-virtualization (as in, OpenVZ inside your Xen linode) will not work properly.

You really shouldn't be double-virtualizing; since the minimum linode size is $20, it's not expensive to just get additional linodes if you want isolation.

That probably explains why I'm having a horrid time trying to get the additional IP working with a container, although I've had success forwarding from eth0 to a container.

It was just a learning exercise though, I'm not really into virtualisation, but I was bored at work the last few days and thought I'd see how far I could take it :lol:

On virtualization within a domU, I'm less of a "it won't work" guy and more of a "you're going to have some limitations" guy. Your best bet might be to set up a private address space for your container(s), then use a combination of NAT for outgoing traffic and port forwarding/HTTP proxying for incoming traffic.

For virtualization-under-virtualization purposes, I'd say OpenVZ is probably one of the better ways to go, thanks to its memory management shenanigans. Purely academic, though.

Yeah I managed to get containers with private IPs working as you suggested hoopycat.

Still it's a bit of a moot point now as I've read that Debian & Ubuntu are to drop support for OpenVZ in their next releases. Ah well I'll have to find something else to do at work instead!


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