How to deploy stackscripts?


Im new to linode and linux a bit too.

Just wondering how to use stackscripts? I see these are batch scripts.

Do I have to upload the LEMP script as a text file to my server into a folder somewhere and then execute it?

Also do stackscripts only work from when the distribution (in my case ubuntu) is installed or can they be executed afterwards?

I see there is an area in my Linode manager where I can add a stackscript. What relevance does this have to executing it? Does it execute from here upon next bootup or something?

Cheers Klinode

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From > When the deployment is first booted, the script is executed and does its thing

The scripts are added to a deployment (i.e. when you first install a distribution). The scripts are imported from your control panel, at, as you've likely discovered. :)


So, im guessing from your answer that if i wanted to benefit from the stack scripts i would have to re-install my server again? is that right??

It might save me time rather than having to do LEMP install myself??

Is it worth going for the Ubuntu firewall stackscript?

If you're just building one linode, it's not worth your time. Stackscripts is more geared toward those that are deploying multiple linodes and want them built more quickly.


I re-imaged my Linode to run the LEMP stackscript but was surprised when it started compiling everything from source… If I needed to update the softwares, how would that be done if it is not synchronized with the repositories?! (I am a Linux noob…).


Vincent C.

As the LEMP SS states, if you're unfamiliar with LEMP, check out LEMP_lib. It's an easy to read script and understanding it may help when it comes time to upgrade.

That doesn't exactly explain why it's pulling stuff from source that is available in the repo.

You are mistaken; PHP-FPM nor the stable version of nginx are available in the 8.04 repos.

Luckily, 10.04 LTS is due out in a bit over a month.

i went with apache in the end, it runs perfectly fine atm, but lets see when some traffic starts hitting it. well i guess i will just upgrade at that point.

ive been using apache for ages, but im v new to nginx and i cant see the point in learning a whole new system, and also dont wanna get down the line and find rewrites or something even more important doesnt work.

I think illl spend the time on optimising apache, bz a lot of peeps are saying that its just as good as nginx when optimised properly


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