a note for delivering to hotmail

hi, i am a ~6 month linoder but this is the first post :)

i realize some weird thing about hotmail,

i have multi accounts on some domain and everything is ok with the domain, spf etc…

an account could send email directly to hotmail inbox but others could not, i opened a ticket to linode and they said that everything seems to be normal.

I was using squirrelmail for all of the accounts.

I just noticed that one account has html message turned on, others not. I do not know hotmails mechanisms but this seems silly to me, when i send html mail it goes to inbox, when i send text mail it goes junk or terribly it doesnt appear in hotmail.

Anyway, i just wanna share my experience :)

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yay, ive been trying for hours to do this and you saved my bacon.

Cheers m8 much appreciated for sharing this with the community :)

Any idea why this happens or what might be causing the problem on text based emails? I had the same problem with squirrelmail. Also Yahoo exhibits the same spam filtering as hotmail with plain text.

Why would plain-text cause such a problem?? Could it be to do with postfix, spamassassing or amavis-new etc?

No problem man :)

i have been trying for weeks :P

I have the same issue, I don't receive any emails in my hotmail inbox(of course , when sent from my linode), text emails. This worked fine, I don't know what could be the issue here.

probably spf/sidF problem. Hotmail got heavy ways of blocking emails.

check here.


and here


then here to know how to create one. Pretty simple.



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