Linode Slave DNS Guide

Is there a guide somewhere about how to configure linode to be a slave to my own DNS server.

What I would like is the following setup.

I run one name server on a linode which is the primary name server.

Linode's name servers pick up the records from my primary server. (That way if my dns server dies the linode ones will take over).

Also I wouldn't mind being able to use my local DNS server for caching (just to save DNS lookups).

Also what DNS server does everyone recommend? Bind/NSD are the ones I know a little about any others I should look at?

I had a check in the linode library and couldn't find anything on this.

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I had a check in the linode library and couldn't find anything on this.
bibbity bow.

Install NSD (use nsd3, not nsd), write your zone, allow AXFR/IXFR from and configure notifies for them in nsd.conf (hint: notify, provide-xfr), create slave domain in Linode Manager, set your domain's authoritative nameservers to, grab some supper.

All of the above should take roughly 45 minutes, depending on how fast you eat.

Thanks I'll have a play later, probably take less than 45 mins I tend to inhale food.


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