Error with sudo apt-get update - [RESOLVED... somehow]

I'm getting the following errors when trying to do a simple apt-get update. The servers are online. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks.

Err hardy Release.gpg

Could not resolve ''

Err hardy-updates Release.gpg

Could not resolve ''

Err hardy-security Release.gpg

Could not resolve ''

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Can you resolve other hosts?

Try pinging

If that doesn't work, then your DNS servers/settings are messed up.

I can't ping so it must be the DNS. Do you have any resources for properly configuring DNS that you could link to?

This is a clean install. I can SSH in but nothing out… Shouldn't I be able to ping with a clean install?

Whats in your /etc/resolv.conf ?

Can you ping (one of Googles name servers)?

Well it finally "just started working"… I opened a support ticket and they were looking at it for about 30 minutes and I decided to try another ping and it worked. They have no idea why it didn't work and why it started working but it's been fine ever since, so I guess that good enough for me :)


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