Is there any potential problems upgrading to Ubuntu 10.04?

I deployed a clean Ubuntu 9.10 Linode, then use "do-release-upgrade -d", and successfully upgraded to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.

Until now, seems there're no problems discovered. I wonder whether it is just OK to use "do-release-upgrade" to upgrade Ubuntu release?

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Well 10.4 is still beta so it's not listed as stable for production, personally I wouldn't use it until a few weeks to a month after the final release.

I would STRONGLY discourage this unless your Linode is just a fancy shell account for you. 10.04 is not production ready and as such should not be rolled out to a production server. If you don't care about the system/data, go for it. Otherwise just hold off for a couple of months.

My $0.02

Any specific reason why you want to upgrade? If nothing's broken…


10.04 LTS go lives!

~~[" target="_blank">]( … untu-10.04">]( explains how to upgrade and still be able to boot afterwards.

I followed the instructions but when I start the upgrade process from 8.04 it appears to want to upgrade to intrepid (8.10).

Am I going to need to update each release until I get to 10.04 from 8.04?

That says to go from 8.04 to 10.04 one should keep the release-upgrades file at Prompt=lts and then do-release-upgrade with the –devel-release flag.

The ubuntu documentation is correct. Follow it's instructions and you can go from lts to lts, just remember to edit your fstab

Cool, it worked. Thanks for confirming what I suspected.

Just make sure anything on your server that uses php is compatible with php 5.3. You can always downgrade once it's installed, but a few odd apps have issues with it…


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