cloudkick - anyone use it?

i've had one of the freebie cloudkick accounts for a while now, which i've been using to monitor my slicehost VPS. i've just added my linode to it and i've noticed that at least 2 or 3 times a day now, i'm getting cloudkick alerts telling me the server is unreachable, followed almost instantly by another alert, telling me everything's OK again.

with my slicehost VPS, the alerts tend to come more infrequently - perhaps once or twice a month, when the 'everything's OK again' email tends to follow the 'your server's unreachable' one after a substantial gap - 45mins to 1hour, usually.

with the alerts relating to my linode, the emails will have a gap of under a minute between them - one 'everything's OK again' alert came 15 seconds after the one telling me my server was unreachable!

i'm wondering if i should be worrying about the stability of my server, or is cloudkick for whatever reason 'operating on a hair-trigger' as regards my linode, but behaving a bit more sensibly as regards my slicehost VPS.

is anyone else using cloudkick and finding it similarly panic-prone, concerning the health of your linode?

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I've one of those freebie accounts too, for slicehost/rackspace it hasn't ever emailed me (even when things are down which is somewhat pointless). I tried adding linode yesterday out of curiosity…when I tried it told me "Oops something has gone wrong please contact [email protected]" so I did and they said they're "working on it".

Anyway sounds like your problem is they only have one server monitoring your server so if the connection flakes periodically then it throws an alert. Ideally they should have a cluster monitoring your server and only alert if say 1/3 of them report it's down.

If you're worried I'd e-mail cloudkick and ask them how their system works for free accounts.


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