Slow SSH tunnel - Fast SFTP ?


I use a Putty-tunnel to forward my browser´s traffic to squid ( 3128 to squid on linode 3128). It works fine, but max. speed I can get is 100 KB/sec. I tested all the options in putty i could find, but it doesnt get faster. Already tried kitty, but speed is the same. Setting Firefox Proxy setting to socks4 or 5 doesnt change a thing.

All other servers on my linode provide a much higher speed:

dovecot: ~420KB/sec

linode speedtest atlanta direct ~450KB/sec

filde download from apache - ~600KB/sec

scp sftp file download - ~500KB/sec

Squid seems to be innocent, as i also tunnel port 10000 to webmin over ssh and downloads from the webmin-http-server are at 100KB/sec too.

as winscp file transfers are 5 times faster than the putty-tunnel i assume there is something wrong with my putty-config (both set to use 3des)? does anyone have an idea whats misconfigured?


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So after trying putty with dynamic port forwarding (D8080) wich yielded exactly the same speed as with putty-squid (100KB/sec) I now have switched to openvpn + squid and speed is now

350-400KB to the Atlanta Server.

All I found on the internet is that putty/ssl might have trouble with high-latency connections, that seem to kill speed - my connection to atlanta is at about 250-300ms away..

If you're using OpenVPN, you don't really need to be using Squid; you can just do NAT and access the net directly through the VPN.

hm, nat from tap0 to eth0, sounds interesting. problem is, my firewall setup is very basic (using webmin- 1 chain:allow lo, allow tap0, allow 25, reject all) and i imagine seting nat up (and especially testing if what i set up is what i wanted) would cost me 3 days of research ;)


I just installed OpenVPN-AS and told it I wanted to do NAT (it asked a yes/no question), and was up and running in just a few minutes. It pretty much takes care of all of that stuff for you.

Downside? The free license only allows two simultaneous connections max.


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