Migrating to new Linode - DNS TTL settings?

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I'm moving my linode to a new one in the UK datacentre so I need to update my linode DNS entries to point to new IP addresses. I understand that a few days beforehand I should lower the TTL for all my domains to ensure a fast turnaround.

All my A/AAAA record TTL values for all my domains are set to "default". So is it enough to just change the "Default TTL" in the "SOA Record" for each domain?

Would this mean that all my TTLs would use the new value that I set there, or do I need to individually adjust the TTL for every single record?

Any guidance much appreciated!



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Yes updating the default value will do.

Also here's what I do when I migrate servers.

1) Make the new server a clone of my old

2) Set the www.domain.com to point to the new server

3) Set a rewrite rule on the new server to point to domain.com

4) Wait 48 hours

5) Shutdown the site

6) Migrate databases over

7) Turn the rewrite off

8) Set a rewrite rule on the old server to point domain.com to www.domain.com

9) Switch the site back on

10) Point the www.domain.com to the new server

11) Wait 48 hours

12) Shutdown the old server.

There hardly any down time (just the time to migrate the database).

TTLs are rarely used properly by ISPs they tend to cache for up to 48 hours.

hi obs, thanks for the reply, thats an interesting way of doing things. on further consideration i think i might just do the switch at the weekend and accept a little bit of downtime.

The reason I do what I do is my clients tend lose money if the sites down, if you're not going to lose a lot of $ or annoy people 2 days downtime is fine :)


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