Does Linode accept payments in Euros?

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Can I be billed in euros instead of USD? My bank changes fees for currency conversions.

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At the moment, Linode only accepts payments in USD (United States Dollar). You can pay with a credit card from another country/currency but the payment will ultimately need to be converted into USD before we can accept it. Like you mentioned, banks often do charge fees for currency conversions.

On my Linode fee of USD 6 on 2nd Sept 2021 the Visa exchange rate from my bank was 1.3729 USD = 1 GBP, so 4.37 GBP and my bank, HSBC a big global bank, charged GBP 0.12 as a non-GBP transaction fee, so that bank fee is a 2.7 per cent extra charge, total cost GBP 4.49. If Linode could bill in non-USD too, then some of that 2.7 per cent could be captured by Linode or passed on to customers. AWS can bill in non-USD, so there I avoid the bank fee. On 3rd Sept 2021 the AWS rate was 1 USD = 0.732149 GBP (or 1.3658 USD = 1 GBP) - so for USD 6 fee AWS would have billed me GBP 4.39 vs 4.49 for Linode - a saving of GBP 0.10.


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