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Avatar teamlouish 4 months, 1 week ago

I just setup a new WHM/cPanel server and this is the first time I've had a server with assigned IPv6 to the server.

I added the IPv6 address to the Basic WebHost Manager Setup, and then I went to the "Assigned IPv6 Address" section and enabled each of my domains.

Every time I access the site from an ISP that uses IPv4, the sites work fine. If I access the sites from an IPS that uses IPv6, then the websites direct to defaultwebpage.cgi cpanel error page.

I looked at the httpd.conf file and didn't see anything with the IPv6 addresses listed.

What else am I forgetting to do? I tried deleting one of the test sites and resetting it up after I had added the IPv6 settings to see if it would fix it, but instead of getting the normal defaultwebpage cpanel looking error, I got an error saying "Executing in an invalid environment for the supplied user".

I'm just not even sure how to proceed. Any tips?

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Do you have your global /128 IPv6 address added and then assigned to your cPanel user that owns your domain/application? That's listed as step 6 and 7 in cPanel's documentation for IPv6

If you've got that configured then you probably just need to rebuild your Apache configuration. WHM/cPanel dynamically builds the Apache configuration so after making changes you'll need to rebuild. You can accomplish this via the command line by running these 2 cPanel scripts:


And then restarting Apache:


Restarting Apache through WHM should also get the job done, navigate to "Restart Services" --> "HTTP Server (Apache)". After making these changes I'm seeing an IPv6 vhost in httpd.conf.

-Roland, Linode Professional Services


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