Integrating Linode VPS Status into a desktop

Does anyone know if / how it is possible to incorporate the linode status, or graphs for instance, like the linode manager, into a desktop "widget".

Preferably for both Linux as windows (since I use both ;) ).

If anyone knows how to monitor specific services as well that'd be awsome .

Other "wanted" functionality that i'd like is to check if a certain event occurs (like "WARNING POSSIBLE BREAK IN ATTEMPT" being printed in syslog / auth.log). If the event occurs having something "light up" or some kind of warning would be pretty awsome, but thats probably wishfull thinking.

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I'd recommend looking into something like Muninn, Nagios or Cacti. There are a couple guides on the library at

Something like that would give you the monitoring part. I imagine there is something out there to make it easier but my initial thought would something like adobe air if you want the exact same on windows and linux. Have an air app that reads the status from the monitoring package. is another option, I see a widget for it through yahoo widgets, which is a place to look that you might find other options for.


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