Network rate limiting?

I was wondering if there is any explicit throttling in place for individual Linodes (in my current case, a 360) with respect to network transfer rates? I thought I recalled seeing it discussed previously but haven't had much luck searching.

In some testing (from a 100Mbps NY client) the best I've been able to achieve from any of my Linodes in Newark is around 40-45Mbps in aggregate (singe or multiple streams) for a static file served by nginx. I even seem to get about that rate between two of those Linodes over the private network.

By comparison, downloading the 100MB-newark.bin file from yields 80-90Mbps (likely my client connection limit).

I thought maybe it was xen/virtualization overhead, but I can download the 100MB-newark.bin file to a Newark Linode at 500+Mbps, so it seems some other limiting is going on.

– David

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I heard before that individual Linodes are capped at 50Mbps, but I never used that much bandwidth so I wouldn't know.

I once tried downloading someone else's (not Linode-hosted) 100MB test file from my 360, and got almost 500Mbps (60MB/s). Seriously, it took less than 2 seconds. That looked crazy… Maybe the file was gzipped by the server or something, but I didn't think to check at the time. Maybe incoming bandwidth isn't capped?

Inbound is unlimited, but outbound is capped at 50 Mbit/sec. Open a support ticket if you are hitting the cap.

Here is the only official thing I could find:


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