Need help Migrate Acquia Drupal LAMP to Mercury Drupal site

I have been fighting this even tried the stackscript and can not find where drupal files should go. I need help setting up this and configuring someone who knows about Mercury Drupal and linux web server security to explain everything and maybe help me look over what I am missing. The site works on my Acquia Drupal LAMP on linode 540 but gets hammered because a lot of ppl want to get on the site. I am doing this site free so I can't pay at the moment but as soon as it can make money I would definitely cut you in please contact me and or if you can work closely with me at a low cost possibly?

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I used Justin's Stackscript on linode 540 and was able to migrate my site although I enabled Memcache, Varnish, and Apache Solr and noticed there was not any instructions I could find to configure these based on the stackscript's setup and I want to be sure I am doing it correctly. Also there where no entries in settings.php for these modules specifically. According to some other material I read on HOWTO suggested to include but wonder if all the ports are correct. Is there also any other things with this setup to change vhost I noticed it placed mercury in var/www/ but not in a separate folder nor for the /etc/host entries. Is ufw already configured with the stackscript to be secure and already allowing the services it needs to? Thank you.


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