artist's website.. software suggestions?

Hello all,

I'm looking to put together a website for someone I know who is an artist. She needs a place to present her work to the net and I'm trying to think of the best way to do it. I've taken a look at several other artists site's and the array of software used is ridiculous.

I'm looking for something where she can have the typical about me etc pages, a contact section, maybe even a bit of a news/blog section, and then some form of image presentation system.

So far I believe wordpress meets my needs for the first bits, but for the image presentation system I'm not sure what to do. I'd like to be able to present the artwork in a neat and tied in way. I do not want to maintain two separate pieces of software and user logins. I'd like them to be tied in somehow.



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Here is an idea, why not have the artist use something like Picasa or Flickr whatever they choose I believe they both come with embedable scripts to put them into any web page. This will make the artist's portfolio of pictures more "sharable" and they can manage it by uploading content. You do nothing. Just an idea :)

Last time I checked, Wordpress had a few gallery plugins, such as NextGEN. You can make slideshows, etc. with these – and skin them to your heart's content.

Another option is Drupal, with Galleria to handle the images (there's a drupal module for it somewhere).

For photos I like though it's simple. A friend likes

Make sure the artist reads the Terms and Conditions of any website like flickr if he chooses to use it. Next thing you know, he's given them free reign to use his artwork for commercial purposes without compensation.


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