lighttpd issue.

Long time listener first time poster, so please be gentle.

I have a LAMP setup which is working well, but apache is a bit bloated, so after reading some of the threads on this board, i thought i would install lighttpd.

Install went fine, also installed fast-cgi. I was running apache and lighttpd in parallel on different ports to test that the system was stable, I then shutdown apache and shifted lighttpd onto port 80, and things were going along fine.

After a restart, lighttpd refused to come back up, producing the error

lighttpd dead but subsys locked

I deleted the lighttpd file from the subsys file, but the problem persists.

Can anyone offer any debugging tips?

I am running Centos 5.5 32bit.


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Did Apache come back alive after the restart, preventing lighttpd from binding to port 80? Could happen if you just shut down Apache and didn't actually uninstall it…

I stopped apache, that would automatically unbind port 80 wouldn't it?

Ok figured out it was a permission conflict with lighttpd unable to open access.log file. Apache was not running at the time either.

I set my permissions up so that user lighttpd was a member of the apache group, so i'm unsure as to why it doesn't have the same permissions.


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