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Haskell is an advanced purely functional programming language. An open source product of more than twenty years of cutting edge research, it allows rapid development of robust, concise, correct software. With strong support for integration with other languages, built-in concurrency and parallelism.

We are starting a reading group covering the free online edition of O'Reilly's -Real World Haskell in a couple of weeks.

If you are interested, please see http://www.linuxagora.com/vbforum/forumdisplay.php?f=29


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Haskell is interested, but like all functional languages, I'd question if it allows "rapid development" of anything… It was certainly a nightmare getting even theoretical-style programs written in it, and I can't imagine using it for anything serious… Then again, that could just be my lack of experience with it beyond a single course spent learning it.

It didn't help that, in addition to learning the compilable (and usable) version of Haskell, the prof made us learn his own private extension of the language to which no compiler exists.

The ghc/ghci compiler seems to work pretty well. I'm new to Haskell. There does seem to be a small amount of commercial usage, but not much. At this point it is mostly academic.

We will start discussion of the first chapter or Real World Haskell on Sunday, August 8. The first chapter seems pretty straight forward. We are going to do a new chapter every two weeks after that.

Drop in and give us a hand if you have the time.


I've a good friend who has done quite a bit with Haskell. He tells me that F# is a good choice if you need something for the desktop and you're familiar with Haskell.

Both languages are on my list of wanting to learn, but time…

Hi Jed,

Drop into the reading group when you have time. It is very informal, you can even read the posts without registering. A few of the members are legitimate gurus. (I'm not one of them!)



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