web admin and/or hosting panel?


I am going to sign up for linode but as I am not a linux guru I'd say that having something like cpanel or webmin would be great to have so I can

  • create and manage

–-- (sub) domains

---- cusers/groups

---- emails

---- databases

  • install programs (wordpress, wiki etc)

  • monitor the system

  • update programs & the system itself

  • whatever I forgot to think of

I will probably go for Debian or Ubuntu.

Thank you


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A vps with cpanel is like…

![](http://www.strangevehicles.com/images/c … 114352.jpg">http://www.strangevehicles.com/images/content/114352.jpg" />

lol nice picture vonskippy.

He's right linode + cpanel not a wise idea.

Webmin is less intrusive but personally I'd say you're better off just following the linode guides.

On debian/ubuntu here's some tips

1) creating subdomains and domains, I assume you mean in apache, just add another virtual host to your sites folder in your apache configuration then restart apache

2) create users/groups````
adduser username
addgroup groupname

3) emails…can you outsource to say google apps? it's a darn sight easier. If not, exim + dovcot are your best bet.

4) databases..````
apt-get install mysql-server mysql-client

and if you reallllly have to install phpmyadmin (just remember to restrict access to it).

5) Install wordpress…easy follow the instructions on the wordpress site

6) Monitor the system, check out monit

7) update system/programs aptitude update;aptitude safe-upgrade

sudo apt-get update && apt-get upgrade
dpkg-reconfigure tzdata
sudo apt-get install tasksel
tasksel lamp-server
sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin php5-gd imagemagick
/etc/init.d/apache2 restart

Done! No work at all! :D (Use Google Apps for e-mail, better than what any host can offer…)

FTP is useless and unecessary, SFTP is not FTP, more powerful at any rate…


On debian/ubuntu here's some tips
thank you


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