Open source billing and support software

Does anyone know of any open source billing and support software that's any good.

A client of mine wanted to use WHMCS but it doesn't quite do what he needs and since it's closed source I can't do squat about it, so does anyone know any open source software that can handle invoicing, billing, user accounts etc and support tickets.

They could be separate bits of software one for billing one for support.

And they need to be written in PHP preferably with a MySQL or SQLite back end.

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Haven't looked for billing things, but in a past life I used RT with success for ticket tracking. That was a light workload for a small IT team, but it did the job well. I seem to get a lot of tickets back with an RT subject from various places, too, so you can take that for what it's worth.

For both in one package, I must admit I've only heard of WHMCS.

I am looking for web based billing software. Any suggestions would help me out.

Billing software for what industry? This depends heavily on what you do.


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