NS1 NS2 for my own domain

i am moving over from a server with cPanel/WHM where this was pretty easy to set up, i am quite confused now though.

essentially i want ns1.mysite.com and ns2.mysite.com as nameserver

reason being that i want my other sites to use those as nameservers.

that way if i move in the future, i won't have to tell all my clients to change their nameservers, they don't even know how to anyways.

right now through godaddy i have ns1 and ns2 pointing to my ip address for linode. those are resolved right now and do go to the correct address.

going to my actual site though errors out with NORECORDS

in the DNS manager i entered ns1.mysite.com and ns2.mysite.com under NS Records and also added NS1 and NS2 under A/AAAA records with my ip address.

i am not sure why it is not working, there must be something else that i need to do?

dnsstuff does show the nameservers of my domain being properly changed by now, it's just not resolving at the server's end

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also, in godaddy should i be using my ip address as the nameserver address or should i use the 3 addresses shown under my linode, network, DNS Servers?

So did you install and setup BIND on your server?

And you can't point NS1 and NS2 to the SAME IP. They need to be two different boxes on two separate networks.

Might want to read up on what a nameserver actually is, and then rethink the whole thing of running your own.

i have 2 IPs right now buy on the same box.

my whole point as i said was so that i wouldnt have to have clients change the nameservers on their accounts.

this has worked fine in the past on cpanel/whm

cpanel/whm normally = managed hosting

linode = unmanaged aka you have to do it yourself

Sounds like you need to install a name server, read here http://library.linode.com/networking/dn … ion-to-dns">http://library.linode.com/networking/dns-guides/introduction-to-dns

and here http://library.linode.com/networking/dn … .10-karmic">http://library.linode.com/networking/dns-guides/nsd-authoritative-dns-ubuntu-9.10-karmic


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