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I was looking for a RoundCube webmail alternative today and stumbled across this:

It's a commercial product but they provide a full version with a 5-person license for free and the source code is included. In my case the only user is me and so I figured I had nothing to lose but my time.

Things I liked:
* * Super easy installation. Create a mysql database, go to the web-based installer, point at database, verify settings, click next a few times and boom. Installed.

* 2-way Contact and Calendar syncing with Outlook. Probably not a huge deal for most Linode'rs but if you use Outlook at work and want a sync'ed calendar this is fantastic.

* 3-column Layout. I prefer the three column layout (Folders | Headers | Message Body) so this was nice to have in here. You can turn this off if you hate it.

* Multiple Account Integration. I can set it up so it pulls and sends mail from any mail server not just my local setup. Neat.

* Powerful and easy to use filter rule interface.

* Generally just works. I found the whole installation, configuration, and usage really intuitive. There's no weird surprises or gotchas.</list> 

Things that aren't so hot:
* * The interface is certainly usable but how it looks out of the box is not my favorite. I didn't care for any of the other supplied skins much better. YMMV.

* No Threaded Conversations. This is my biggest complaint. I really wish I could arrange my emails by thread.</list> 

So that's it really. Overall I'm pretty pleased! I hadn't heard of this thing before today so I thought I'd share it. If you're looking for a RoundCube that's a bit more capable this is worth checking out.

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I'd never heard of this webmail client before your post, but I figured I'd take a look.

I'm pleasantly surprised how nice it looks, and how easy it was to install. I'm just a bit worried about how secure it is (or isn't). Other ajax webmail clients (I'm looking at you, roundcube) seem overly prone to XSS and other vulnerabilities.

Update: It doesn't handle large mailboxes very well though. Takes about 30-40 seconds to check for new mail on my 900MB mailbox, via courier IMAP with maildir backing.

Thanks for your review @forum:lesh and @forum:encode
There are a lot of changes to our webmail services.
You can look up for new versions and changelog here
Also, we do a lot of custom development on our products (webmail, cloud storage, web encryption).


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