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What do you guys normally use to monitor you nodes? I have a 512 node and am looking for something lightweight. How is Munin vs Scout for rails?

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I use monit for monitoring and munin for stats.

I use munin for graphs, cloudkick instead of monit (just to keep an eye on things), pflogsumm for a daily report of sent emails, and logwatch for a daily report of everything. And I still don't think that it's enough, so from time to time, I check my logs by hand.

This'll probably fall into the category of shameless plugging but i'll go ahead and do it anyway:

I'm just launching this weekend, and that's what I use to monitor our own servers (eat your own dogfood kind of thing ;) ). It's nice and lightweight yet full-featured (that is, if you join starting on Monday, we're rolling out the last changes this weekend).

That said, if you join before Monday you'll still officially be a beta customer and thus get the month of October for free :)

Oh, and it runs on linode completely, yay!


I just started using munin. Was a cinch to setup.

I just have all my nodes ping all my nodes every 15 minutes and email me if no response.


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