[SOLVED] OpenSSL Issue


I'm getting the following when trying to start lighttpd;

> Starting web server lighttpd

(network.c.336) SSL: error:00000000:lib(0):func(0):reason(0)


I have tried the workaround described over at ~~[https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lighttpd/+bug/645002" target="_blank">](https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+sour … bug/645002">https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lighttpd/+bug/645002]( of

> set

ssl.use-sslv2 = "enable"

in the appropriate places in the config. This will enable SSLv2, but you can

prevent actual working SSLv2 negotiation by massaging the cipher list, for

example like this:

ssl.cipher-list = "TLSv1+HIGH RC4+MEDIUM !SSLv2 !3DES !aNULL @STRENGTH"

Though lighttpd still doesn't want to start up, any other ideas? OpenSSL is currently the latest version from apt-get | Ubuntu 9.10 | Lighttpd 1.4.28 installed from source.


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How did you install lighttpd? What version are you running?

from source, latest version 1.4.28

Well after some googling it appears this issue was in 1.4.26 see http://redmine.lighttpd.net/issues/2157 but it was fixed, possibly it's crept back in.

Version 1.4.22 is in the apt universe repository so that might be easier for you to use. If not you could try compiling again ensuring you have a clean source.

Compiling from source is generally a bad idea, unless you really have to; it makes upgrades a heck of a lot harder. Instead of just being able to use your distro's package manager to upgrade everything, you've got to download all your stuff from source and recompile.

If you really want to compile stuff from source, that's what Gentoo is for; its packages are all uncompiled, so you get the benefits of a package manager with the benefits of compiling from source. Personally, I prefer my binaries pre-compiled, but to each his own.

Hi guys, so I've solved the issue, I wasn't actually using 1.4.28, but an older version. Got a bit mixed up, looks like I had /configure'd and made 1428 but not actually installed it. All working fine now.

My bad :)



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