transfer speeds with multiple nodes

So, I just got a 512 to test things out…

A while back, I contacted linode support, and they said that they limit out bound traffic to 50Mbps.

My first question is, is that 50Mbps per linode or is that 50Mbps shared between all the linodes on that computer?

My second question. Lets say that I get another 512 linode and I load balance my app between the two nodes, does that mean I effectively get 100 Mbps (assuming that the load balancing works well). If this is the case, are there any hard limits as to how much transfer speed you could get if you keep obtaining more nodes in a horizontal fashion?



ps. I hope this is not a double (or triple post) as it is giving me an error, I will delete multiple posts soon.

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The limit is per IP address, so no, it's not shared with other virtual machines on the same box.

I recently got Linode support to raise my limit to 300Mb/s. It's been wonderful. Downloads from my box that were previously capped at 5MB/s jumped to 11MB-27MB/s depending on what I have at the other end.

Are you sure it's not per-interface, not per-IP?

Anyhow, if you need more than 50Mbps, you can just ask Linode, and they'll increase the limit. The limit only applies to upstream, there is no limit on downstream.


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