Been in IT for years - these guys are the best

Let me be brief: I've been a network admin and documentation freak for years. I also hate downtime.

Linode has been rock solid.

Linode's support has been the best I've ever experienced. SO fast.

Linode's documentation is out of this world awesome.

I'm a windows and netware server admin. Linux and Unix are foreign to me. With Linode docs and forum I've setup Ubuntu and Debian with associated services for my Drupal site, and everything is running great.

I heart Linode - it's that simple.

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linode is so 2009!

They use Xen, which is the past

They're IPv4 only, which sucks donkey balls

They're now spending most of their time building a shiny web2.0 panel that sucks, and they can't even get it right.

The flame is fading. Move along.

I would challenge you to find another company that provides better service at a similar price. This stuff ain't easy, so cut them a break. And if you don't like them, go elsewhere.

Linode has my vote and my business.

Exactly - IP v4 only? That isn't affecting my business. And if it is an issue, then most definitely go somewhere else.

But please tell us - what applications are you running right now or in the next few months that this affects? I really hope the answer isn't nothing! Else why the griping??? =)


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