Can you use a prepaid / debit card to pay for service ?

Someone in this forum told me about prepaid credit cards of which I had no idea previously even existed. Well I was going out to go get one in Hong Kong tomorrow. And to tell you the truth I was going to use rackspace cloud because I saw the drupalcon video in which they sadi how much they were doing with pantheon and it seemed like they were teemed up with drupal. Well I found out that they to not accept prepaid credit cards. I dont have enough funds to purchase an enitre year of linode. But Linude was my second choice, mainly because of the drupalcon conference. I will go to hong kong tomorrow and get a prepaid card. But I need to know first, canode accept prepaid visa cards?

thanks for the info-

Robert Eaton

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I think this is the post you're looking for: … 4576#34576">

You are not required to prepurchase a year of Linode service. You can pay as you go every month.


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