HOLY SH!T this is FAST

So wanted to do a "speed test" on my linode. I just found a mirror to centos and figured I would download it to see how fast it would go…

I was expecting a few megs/sec, but HOLY CRAP…. The screenshot doesnt even show its high, which I think I was in the mid 70 M/s

![](" />

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I can sometimes feel my floor shake while wgetting. I think there's an ssh option I can turn off to disable the low-frequency vibration tunnel, but… well, it's kinda cool.

It seems faster (or at least less annoying) to wget large files to a Linode and then scp (or whatever) them home than to download them directly home. Ran into this a few weeks back with a ~3.0 GB download from $GenericFPGAManufacturer …

I'm going to AOL this one.

I've built a deployment process that relies on third-party hosted version control repositories. Deploying on Linode is faster than, for example, Rackspace managed hosting. Shame I don't actually use it here. I was just testing.

I set up a game server for half life to do some testing and the tutorial said go and get some food while it installs, I have chance to boil a kettle !!

(did a wee when my eyes popped out at the speed)

Also the server out preformed the game server we normally play on by far.

My mate suggested I got a linode so that I could learn more and have a "live" test environment.

Man this guy was so right !

I will be certain to renew every time !

the guy in question is gary @ www.flatcoder.co.uk


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