Need someone to Optimize my Linode at a Affordable Price


Recently I have been facing problems with my Linode. I am running 4 Wordpress blogs on my Linode while 3 of them get less than 50 visitors a day. Only one blog gets around 25K visits everyday. All blogs are on Wordpress platform.

Surprisingly since last couple of days my Linode host is behaving abnormally. The CPU usages is always above 110 - 120% while disk IO rate is averaging at above 1500.00 all the time.

While contacting the support, they said:

The following errors in your console make me believe that you upgraded Ubuntu without disabling plymouth and ureadahead:

mountall: Disconnected from Plymouth
init: plymouth main process (981) killed by SEGV signal
init: plymouth-splash main process (1879) terminated with status 2
init: plymouth-log main process (1916) terminated with status 1

You will want to disable these by running the following commands:

cd /etc/init
for i in plymouth* ureadahead*; do mv ${i} ${i}.disabled; done

Well, the above could be the reason or there might be a lots of other reasons behind this, I am not sure. But the site is taking 2-3 minutes to load which used to be loaded properly within 5-10 secs.

One freelancer was taking care of my Linodes, but he is not reachable these days. Hence I need someone to fix the issues and get the site behave normally. Once can do wonders if he/she does know how to optimize a Linode for Wordpress!

Please reply back to this thread or drop me a PM with your previous experience in handling Linode hosts and price quotation.

P.S: I am on latest version of NGINX server.

Thanks a lot in advance.

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You could probably save money by using the resources the linode community provides or DIY?


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