having a hard time with omega installation can someone help

I am trying to install aegir omega and having a hard time with the installation

here is the script instructions :





Starting with release 0.4-alpha9 Aegir

requires proper DNS configuration

of your server. Your hostname has to be

FQDN and has to match your server IP.


This script is trying to discover your

DNS details and allow or deny the install,

if something doesn't look correct.


This script will also use your FQDN

hostname as a web address of your Aegir

frontend (control panel).


You can try to change the automatic

defaults by setting up your IP address,

your FQDN hostname and your Aegir frontend

web address below.


It can be useful when you are using local

environment with custom settings in your

/etc/hosts, when you have more than one

public IPs on eth0 and you wish to use

non-default (first) IP address, or when

you want to use non-hostname (sub)domain

to access your Aegir frontend.


It is also useful when you plan to use

available in Barracuda optional installs

of Chive, SQL Buddy and Collectd, since

all of them will use subdomains in the

server hostname and it will not work

when your hostname domain DNS is not

under your control (like many default

hostnames and reverse DNS provided by

VPS hosting companies).


Please change all 3 values if you wish

to customize this automatic setup.










If you will use your custom DNS settings,

they will be still validated, therefore

make sure your MYHOSTN and MYFRONT

both matches your MYOWNIP or the script

will fail to install Aegir (unless you

will disable the DNS test completely

below in DNSSETUP_TEST).





When I let the setup run and automatically configure itself, I get the welcome email like this:


Your new site li229-45 has been created.

You can now login to li229-45 by clicking on this link or copying it into your browser:


This is a one-time login, so it can be used only once.

Once you have logged in, you will be redirected to http://li229-45/user/1/edit so you can change your password.`

I have tried entering my domain name, and I cant get this install to work on a debian or ubuntu 10.04 installation,

I f anyone knows what I am doing wrond i would arrpeciate the help. Thanks

Ive also tried altering my hosts file as described here in the post I made at grops.drupal


Thanks for any help!

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