Mercury Drupal and Apache Solr Integration

Okay admins - I need some serious advice. I'm an ex NetWare and Windows server admin that has been throw into the land of Linux.

Two months ago I setup my first LAMP server using Ubuntu and then due to PHP issues with Drupal 6 switched to Debian.

Now I need to setup a brand new VPS with Drupal and the Apache Solr Search integration feature on it. Someone told me Mercury might have that already included, but that is over my head.

If it's true where does one find Mercury? THANKS.

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Looks like you should just have to enable the contrib repository and aptitude install solr-common … tory-howto">

Thanks - I'm new to this….could you expound on that a little more? The Linode guides have been awesome and I've setup LAMP and a firewall and more, but if ushered out to these debian repository sites, my eyes start glassing over.

Also, has anyone used Pressflow? Someone recommended this distribution of Drupal for me.

Edit /etc/apt/sources.list and uncomment the lines for the contrib repositories.

Then run aptitude update

I have not used Pressflow. But have vanilla installed Drupal 20+ times and have recently begun with Distros like Atrium, Acquia, UberDrupal, OpenPublish.

I am working on my first Acquia Drupal distro ( on MAMP and have Solr working with faceted search. Using Acquia I was able to do this very easily.

The distro includes everything you need except Solr 1.4. (USE 1.4!) which you can get here:

Place it somewhere not visible to the web (not in your apache docroot and not inside of your drupal directory).

Then you only have to move 2 files from the drupal Solr module:






(move the existing ones somewhere else first - as per README)

then run java -jar start.jar in shell and you should be up and running.

Pressflow is Drupal with some optimization patches and some extra code for using reverse proxies like Varnish. It's a drop in replacement for vanilla Drupal as long as you're using MySQL 5 and PHP 5.

Mercury is a full platform of software and configuration that began primarily as an Amazon EC2 image and now includes a Linode stackscript and will extend into hosting. It can also be set up manually.

In addition to the typical Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP stack, Mercury includes the memcached server for data caching, Varnish for full page caching, Apache Tomcat for running Apache SOLR, and the 1.2 version will include the Hudson messaging/cron server. It also installs and configures all the Drupal modules to make them work. Pressflow is necessary for Varnish.

Not much on their website atm: The development goes on at For community support and discussion, visit the Pantheon group at

Thanks man! I just completed Linode's documentation on it and everything is working great except I cannot seem to get the site to answer on port 80. I have to use port 9880 (as the instructions had me setup for varnish/pressflow/apache hand offs).


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