How to create a custom home page on your Drupal / Zen site

Just found out how easy this is in the forums:

If you have a drupal site using the Zen them, and you want a radically different home page than the rest of your theming, and you know how to code even simple HTML/CSS, then you're in luck.

Take your page.tpl.php from sites/all/themes/zen/zen to your subtheme folder, naming it page-front.tpl.php. Code out the page you want, flush your themes registry in Drupal and VOILA.

*Note - it will look for images, stylesheets and other files you reference in the root of your Drupal site. NOT the root of your subtheme.

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thanks for sharing but its not that easy.

well if you simply need a different template for ALL internal pages and one for the front page you can just use page.tpl.php (thats for internal/default pages) and page-front.tpl.php (for the front page).

Otherwise there isnt a "quick and easy" way to do that, however there are multiple ways.


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