Ubuntu 10.04 - Nginx - Piwik install

I have 1 site set up running and now I want to install Piwik Analytics. So ran thru a few guides and nothing when i visit the url. No error just my ISP page not found.

So i deleted Piwik directory files and tried just to get another site going but same thing.



stats.site1/piwik files (now empty except for a phpinfo() in index.php

I copied the sites-enabled for site1 changing the locations to point to stats.site1.com but nothing

Is there a problem using the same name site1 and stats.site1?

Anyone have this setup?

Also running php thru php5-fpm

I must be missing something here.

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Do you mind pasting the virtual hosts settings in nginx for the site?

When have you set the DNS record for stats.site1.com?

Could it be that you have set it recently and therefore need to give it a little time for the DNS propagation? Just a thought.

BTW, thanks for Piwik! Looks great and I am going to install it right away on my Linode! :D

Just installed, I love it!

I have installed in a similar configuration to yours (stats.mydomain.com), and it was quick and easy. While I wait for your reply about DNS etc, here's my vhost for reference;

server {

listen xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:80;

server_name stats.mydomain.com;

servernamein_redirect off;

portinredirect off;

root /var/www/sites/stats.mydomain.com;

access_log /var/log/nginx/sites/stats.mydomain.com.access.log;

error_log /var/log/nginx/sites/stats.mydomain.com.error.log;

gzip on;

gzip_static on;

location / {

index index.php index.html index.htm;


location ~ .php$ {


fastcgi_index index.php;

fastcgiconnecttimeout 300;

fastcgiparam SCRIPTFILENAME /var/www/sites/stats.mydomain.com$fastcgiscriptname;

include fastcgi_params;




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