Talking to Google Apps users over XMPP /without/ adding SRV


I have an app that runs on linode and uses an XMPP server (prosody) to communicate with Google Talk and Google Apps users. The app works works fine with Google Talk users, but for Google Apps to work with XMPP clients, the person running the domain has to add SRV records to their DNS. This causes apps like mine to look for Google's XMPP server instead of looking for a (non-existant) XMPP server on the customers domain name (according to … swer=34143">

Requesting my users to edit their DNS configuration is not realistic since these are non-technical users.

I am wondering: Is ANY way to get Google Apps to work with XMPP without having the user add SRV records to their domain?

Some possible options include creating firewall rules, setting up custom dns (multi-horizon?), or editing the source code of the XMPP server.

Does anyone know enough about XMPP, Google Apps, and DNS to tell me how I can reliably set this up?

I realize that by forcing my sever to look only at that other non-google jabber servers will not work with my service, and that is fine.

(Note, this is a problem I'd really like to solve and would be willing to pay for some consulting to make that happen if required.)

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OK whats wrong with getting clients to set SRV records?

To set up google apps you have to set up DNS anyway.

Take their DNS away from them, charge a DNS management fee, put all their DNS under linode DNS manager or your own BIND server cluster and change their SRV records automatically?


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