Wordpress failing to load

Hey guys, I moved my wordpress and forums over to the new server. I can get all the forums stuff to work but wordpress isn't moving at all.

I have the right database info in the account, I have the right usernames setup from the old account in phpmyadmin and I'm not getting DB errors its just not loading.

I have turned off the plugins in the DB but still no love I just get this:


Anyone have any ideas?

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does your wp-config have the right DB info?

yeah - ive gone through that several times, uploaded the files twice, the db twice - fiddled with the config file too. created the users that were needed - its just all…right.

I'm just wondering if there was something I missed out - I installed LAMP on ubuntu 10.04_ and my xenforo DB seems to be working fine and I did the same thing with the DB there too - just confused my itsd not working, I have no DB errors kicking in….

Bit hard to say without being able to poke the site but I'd say it's a php error in an include, when php has an error in an include and display_errors is off it just stops executing, you're probably missing a module, compare your php infos for each server.

hey guys, thanks I just worked it out - when I installed everything I added Suhosin as advised in the library and that was messing it all up!

Re-wrote the .htaccess to allow for friendly URLs and then it was sorted. Only problem I'm having right now is sorting out the FTP in wordpress itself as its a pain to sort out when I haven't got the URL moved over yet. so at the moment it can't upload file etc


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