Any fellow linoders run a TOR relay or exit node?

There are obviously some potential "risks" running an exit node but I was thinking about "donating" some of the excess bandwidth I never touch. Any guidance on setting one up? I would obviously need to open up some ports on my firewall, but are there any other things I need to look out or security wise to protect myself?


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A copy of anyones config file would be helpful too!

I would probably advise consulting a qualified attorney to discuss the level of risk you're willing to accept; I expect Linode will not hesitate to comply with properly-executed warrants, at which point you'll probably want to have that attorney's business card in your wallet.

In other words, this is a legal question, not a technical question.

(Also, having worked on an abuse desk before, I suspect you can save a lot of time by just saying "<>" instead of copying/pasting the entire spiel; they aren't stupid, everyone knows what Tor is, and that won't answer the complaint.)

I am definitely leaning towards a relay as opposed to an exit. This seems pretty risk free….. right?


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