squeeze and exim4: cannot send mail, errors [SOLVED]

I'm trying to install debian 6 squeeze and exim4 as follows:

1. In linode admin: Deploy a Linux Distribution -> select Debian 6 -> boot linode and login.

2. In putty session, basic config:

root@debian:~# apt-get update

root@debian:~# apt-get upgrade --show-upgraded

Setting up acpid (1:2.0.7-1) …

Starting ACPI services….

root@debian:~# echo "playground" > /etc/hostname

root@debian:~# hostname -F /etc/hostname

root@debian:~# vi /etc/hosts localhost.localdomain localhost playground.alexatnet.com playground

3. In putty session, exim4 config, following http://library.linode.com/email/exim/se … -6-squeeze">http://library.linode.com/email/exim/send-only-mta-debian-6-squeeze

root@debian:~# apt-get install exim4-daemon-light mailutils

root@debian:~# dpkg-reconfigure exim4-config

typed exactly as instruction recommends, only replaced sample domains with playground.alexatnet.com and playground.

root@debian:~# echo "This is a test." | mail -s Testing alex.netkachov@gmail.com

2011-03-01 22:42:02 1Pucws-0000lJ-IJ Cannot open main log file "/var/log/exim4/mainlog": Permission denied: euid=101 egid=103

2011-03-01 22:42:02 1Pucws-0000lJ-IJ <= root@playground.alexatnet.com U=root P=local S=405

2011-03-01 22:42:02 1Pucws-0000lJ-IJ Cannot open main log file "/var/log/exim4/mainlog": Permission denied: euid=101 egid=103

exim: could not open panic log - aborting: see message(s) above

Can't send mail: sendmail process failed with error code 1

I've repeated the steps with different values in /etc/hosts, different domains in exim options (redeploy the system each time) - the same error.

Please help.

BTW, I would like to use alexatnet.com as FQDM in /etc/hosts and exim config. Is this possible?



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Small update: i've installed debian in VMWare and installed exim4 successfully.



Update: creating /var/log/exim4/mainlog fixes the error. exim delivers message correctly now.

Thanks linode support for provided solution.



create /var/log/exim4 didn't work for me. Still looking for a solution.

Best regards,


For an existing install, please try issuing the following command:

apt-get install --reinstall exim4-base

After doing so, follow the instructions here to reconfigure Exim: http://library.linode.com/email/exim/se … -6-squeeze">http://library.linode.com/email/exim/send-only-mta-debian-6-squeeze

This issue has been fixed in our base deployment images. Sorry about any inconvenience, and please let us know if you experience any additional difficulties.

Well, for me works with this command lines

chown Debian-exim:Debian-exim /var/log/exim4/mainlog
chmod 700 /var/log/exim4/mainlog


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