Sendmail working but citmail (Citadel replacement) is not


I am looking for solution for two days but I cannot find relevant information. Please can somebody help me?

Two days ago I installed LAMP (Debian 5) and Citadel e-mail on Linode 512. I used great LAMP and Citadel guide in Linode Library. Everything works great except e-mail. I can send and receive e-mails in WebCit (Citadel webmail) and I can receive e-mails using POP3. I have problem only with PHP mail() function.

I tested my sites before I installed Citadel and all mailforms working properly (sendmail working properly). I installed citadel-suite and all mailforms stop working without any warning. Citadel replaced sendmail by citmail and citmail is not working properly. I noticed that some PHP mail scripts are working but these scripts are very simple.

For example using this script I can send e-mail:

But when I add for example Content-Type into header than e-mail is not delivered. I am sure that my scripts are OK - they were functional on my previous webhosting and they are working with sendmail. But with citmail I cannot send e-mails using PHP.

Thank you.

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Can you post snippet of a code that's NOT working?

Check Citadel support … ling_lists">


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