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I tend to do things either traditionally or I just don't get enough time to try everything out. But, recently I gave up my trusty mysql command line and mysqltool cgi script for something I wish I had tried a long time ago –

MySQL Control Center freaking rocks.

Screen shots: http://www.mysql.com/products/mysqlcc/screenshots.html

Download: http://www.mysql.com/downloads/mysqlcc.html

I highly recommend checking this out!


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Its a very good GUI tool. To use it on your linode you would probaby need to open port 3306.

I use a html-based mysql admin tool:


An html-based alternative that has been recommended but I have not tried is:


hehe neat.. i always wondered if i could control my db remotely through a win32 gui.. i've always installed phpmyadmin and used that.. ill give this a shot.

Actually, you don't need to OPEN a port. Use SSH to tunnel the necessary port from your local machine to the server then point the software at localhost. Presto, the port isn't open to the world on the server and all communications are secured! BTW, this doesn't really work for FTP, stupid data port!


check out SQLYog as well, it's pretty neat :)

my favourite has been phpMyAdmin:




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