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I bought a 32 gigs server, and ran a wget command on it. I have about 5 gigs on information downloaded, and it crashed. When i checked the console, it say's out of memory. Could any one help with this issue?

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I thought the Linode 32768 VPS's came with concierge service to take care of problems like that?

Memory does not equal disk space.

Are you "out of memory" or "out of disk space"

user could easily mean a 1024 which comes with 32GB of disk.

AFAIK There is no linode with 32GB of memory, so I suppose the OP has 32GB of disk space – which would be Linode 1024.

Linode 1024 with misconfigured Apache and MySQL can easily run out of memory. Please post a screenshot of the "top" command so that somebody can tell what's wrong. Also, post your Apache and MySQL configuration files.

how do I upgrade my ram from 32GB to 64GB

@rasomaning --

File a support ticket.

-- sw


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