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Hello All,

I got a domain reseller account with Resellerclub and a VPS with linode. I need private name servers setup ( and I got two IP's for my VPS and is planning to use those IP's for this purpose (I understand that this is not the ideal method,) but that is how I want it to be done now.

Also, the same IP's are used for SSL purpose and that's how I got it allocated.

VPS has got WHM/cPanel installed on it. Could someone please tell me what I should do to get this done? These are the settings that I see on my domain control panel

Name Servers:

Child Nameservers: hostname: IP: VPS IP1

hostname: IP: VPS IP2

There are 12 A Records pointing to Resellerclub IP's.

6702557 Resellerclub IP1

6702612 Resellerclub IP2

6702518 Resellerclub IP3

6702612 Resellerclub IP4

and so on..

I'm running Google Apps on this domain and has updated MX records for the same.

By looking at this information, I guess someone can help me on getting this task done. I've tried my best to be as detailed as possible, If there is anything else that could be added, please let me know.

Thanks in advance

P.S: Please don't come up with geographically dispersed DNS stuff. I very well know that it is the ideal solution.

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Eager to know why there is no answers for this particular post! I'm really in need of help guys!! :shock:

It's the weekend and and/or late at night for a lot of the people here.

You need to:

1. Go to your domain registrar and set up your domain to create nameservers pointed to your linode ips.

2. In whm go to "nameserver ips" (or something along those lines) and let it populate them automatically.

3. create dns records for the domains you want to host

4. set the nameservers for your domains to your private nameservers.


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