Audio Tutorial to convince others to sign up for

Hi everyone.

First of all, I'm glad to be back on the fforums!

I've missed the community at large for qutie sometime, and wanted to announce the release of a new audio tutorial/podcast, that attempts to not only intraduce ce visually impaired folks to services (such a totally blind, or otherwise) but to also extend to the sighted as well, in such a case, the sighted can just keep on clocking the mouse and ushc. :)

But I wanted to do this from a totally blind users perspective.

This is also your first chance to hear a screen-reading program in action.

You might have some trouble understanding the speech generated, but I hope not.

If you do, let me know.

But you might be able to pick up on this.

This file is about 54 minutes in length, is recorded in MP3 at 128KBPS for audio quality, and is about 49 Megabites to download.

I apologize for not owning a mixer, so I used the best setup (computer speakers and an extremely expensive Olympus DM-4 digital hardware recorder with stereo microphones.)

All the recording for you audio buffs was done with the internal stereo microphones.

Using earphones to get the stereo feeled is suggested over speakers.

Feel free to listen to this file in it's entirety, but for any future listening you can skip thorugh the introduction to

I am also announcing a voluntary, free of charge service for anyone who is in, or not in the community already, and extend my willingness thorugh this tuturoail to help others with Linodes.

While I'm targeting brand-new users, I do not mind workig with existing users.

All comments and suggestions in this extremely pro-active approach from all staff, community members and forum owners is welcome.

I also would like to announce to Caker especially, that on April 25, 2011, I officially came back to sign up with again for the third time in a ro over the last several years! My first time with you folks began somtime in May of 2009, and I believe that is demonstrating real loialty as a totally blind customer in any case, if you ask me.

Who's ever come back to Linode that many times or more?

Please see if you could help me as I need all of your help, from staff and or community members a like in insuring that this file is spread around for as many possible listeners as possible, as I'd like to reach the greatest number of possibal users or potential customers.

While I have tweeted about this file on my twitter account, and have tried to see if members in the blind community can hear about this file, my effort may not be enough.

So Please tel your friends, or anyone you know who may be interested.

I'd like to see if I can get some possible referral credit through the program as well, seeing as I have never ever had that experience with Linode ever while knowing you folks.

Not once have I got the chance to see the referral program in action for myself.

I can't always be available at all times to volunteer, and don't wisht o take the place of, or responsibility of Linode support by helping, I'm just doing this stuff to give back to you folks in return for the outstanding support and customer service I've had.

Thank you very much.

Any comments and praze for this audio file is well appreciated, as I did put effort into trying to reach out in a brand-new way to all future customers.

Without all of you folks, Caker and the others, I don't think I would have come up with this idea of reviewing Linode since I actually demonstrate the site in action to a point.

If you folks wish to see more tutorials someday when I have time to produce them, and demand is high enough for them, please do let me know what you'd like to se demonstrated, with the Linode resource graphs being an impossibility to show as a blind tutorial producer in any case.

To grab the file, you may get it here!

Thanks to all again for giving me the idea to give back to all of you this way, and enjoy!

God Bless.

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I apologize for some of the typos, but I'm not perfect.

Also, I hope you folks won't mind them, seeing as I'm low on energy, and need to get some sleep.

Talk later.!

Glad that you're doing this! It's not much help to me personally as I read much better than I hear, but it's good to know that Linode works well with assistive technology.

By the way, you can post your referral code wherever you publicize your tuorial, and you'll get a $20 credit when someone signs up with it and sticks around for three months.

Do users of tipically post referral codes in the forums?

I wasn't sure if that was permitted by staff.

But I have had little luck desipte posting my code and URL on other blogs, so I suppose I will if Linode staff allows me, to post my referral code here rather tan waiting for loads of people to ask me for the code!

Hear is what I do ask.

Please send me an email to the primary email address displaid on my signature to let me know that you (whoever you are) so that I know you've used my code in case I just don't have time to check in the Linode Manager!

Why didn't I think of doing this before?

Vance, Thanks for your show of support, you are the first so far!

My referral URL, in case anyone wishes to use this, is happily with the blessings of Caker and the others at to back me up proudly displayed below!

Take care everyone, and do let me know if anyone decides to use it!

Like I said, if you want more tutorials in this way demonstrating specific things in the Linode Manager please let me know!

Hey, what about this?

How many of you would like to see an SSH audio tutorial done by a totally blind user with speech output so you can see for yourselves what it is like for me to interact with a machine via SSH?

I may create a pull on this so you can voat. Enough voats for the audio tutorial, and I will create it!

The offer of freely volunteering with any new person who uses my referral code specifically still stands as well, so don't hezitate, I'm pracically begging any new user who thinks they like what I'm doing to actually use it. Please? :)

~~[ " target="_blank">]( … faa2b825 ">](

For those of you who did not see this or comment yet, I really whent over the top to defend LLC as a company on this one, so I hope you will consider commenting here as well, is my personal blog interview on To check it out, I have a short Twitter URL for you to look at. Do get back to me either way, as every comment from anyone (with staff being as welcome just as with any user) to, :) I'd appreciate the feedback!

That URL where my referral code is also displaied at can be found here:

Note: Any graphics or smilies you folks use will be read by my screen reader in the forums, so go whiled with those! I think that's an accessibility feature of PHPBB itself.

Have fun and god Bless!!

I'm also in the process of trying to get others to listen to the posted tutorial I posted here on the Linode forums.

I thought a shortened URL as far as my referral code (since it would do the same thing anyways) would be far easier on readers.

It's a lot easier on my screen-reader at times with lengthy URLS.

What do the rest of you with vvision think about that in general?

Short or long URLs (in the case of Linode referral codes)?

I think I'll keep it short unless people complain to me about it. :)

God Bless, and I will keep you all up to date if more customers sign up!

If you want more tutorials, please let me know.


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