Future Linode audio walkthroughs from a blind users point

Hello all!

I wanted to find out what if any tutorials (I've done one on Linode.com that is intended to intraduce new people to Linode.com) see that tutorial for more please if you haven't already, as I'd like to know what other people might wish to see produced. I.e. How we blind folks use SSH in general, and such. I thought I'd demonstrate that next.

Thanks much!

I'll probably create a Poll or something for voating! God Bless.

P.s. I do note that ordering a Linode is a topic I want to get to, but can't do at the moment for demonstration purposes. SSH is something I can do, as I do have access to a practice Linode my friend lets me work with, so I'll probably go with that next. But if you want others that don't involve me purchasing one (just yet) let me know!

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How we blind folks use SSH in general, and such.
I'd be very interested in learning about this. I have a friend with poor visual acuity who may someday lose his sight.

The Seventeen day Pole should be created! Pleae email, comment, or whatever you wish, (that's why I leave my private email) or whatever you'd like! I explained with a post update that oprdering a Linode and doing it with a screenreader is an upcoming topic that I cannot demonstrate at present. Thanks!

The poll question doesn't actually make any sense… The question is "What tutorials would you folks like to see?" but the answers are things like "yes" or "no".

How do you answer "what" with a "yes"?

Guspaz: I will update the options in the pole as soon as possible. Stay tuned for an upcoming reply informing all users who brows this of the applied update. Thanks for notifying me!

Thanks to Guspaz making a point on the pole not making any logical sence, wich I now have fixed, the radio buttons should reflect a much more logical thing. Other, (meaning) as yet unsuggested topics is a category of upcoming not created yet tutorials, so the "Other?" button is there as an option, since that means any other unmentioned ideas. You can also give those "other" ideas by responding in addition to the forum topic.

The pole will be around for 17 days, so voat fast on ideas or respond to this topic, and any suggested topics other than ordering a Linode as explained in the primary edited post above will for sure be considered! :)!

If users wish me to increase the number of days from 17, please reply or private message me on the forum, and I'll gladly increase or decrease (if you folks wish!)

Thanks, and I hope you all enjoy the new pole!

I love how there was a tutorial written on accessing the Linode forums in a forum. Besides that though, I just had one point to make.

There are a lot of us "blind users" that access and use technology on a day to day bases. We don't really see the need to notify the world we're a blind user because really, it makes no sense to, especially throwing it in our usernames like that. Asking the public (probably 99.99% sighted people) to vote on what they want to see is also sort of pointless because this tutorial should really be written for blind users. I've always found it much more constructive to just let people ask questions if they have them. to each their own I guess, but this topic just sort of struck me wrong.

As for access to Linode, it's really no different from accessing any other service from SSH. The panel is actually 100% accessible (although I'm not totally sure about what graphs are shown visually). From that point, I guess I assume anyone who may wish to run a Linode can spend 10 minutes looking around and maybe ask the "how do blind folks SSH" question if they're looking for a client to use, but it's already pretty intuitive.

The traditional graphs are not accessible (they're CPU, network, and disk I/O), but I think Longview either might be, or could be made to be, since it displays the current values with text rather than images.


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