New Audio Linode SSH Tutorial Released!

Thanks to the popular pole demand of the Linode community who likes my tutorials, the second in an on-going work in progress (as time permits) is now ready for download or listening!

Please enjoy this file, and I do make a small request relating to referral code useage, so please keep the good work going!

I'm more than happy to expand these tutorials with smaller ones in future to expalin questions you folks might have, so comment/email me off-forum as well, and I'd be more than happy to contineu to produce Linode tutorials.

Future upcoming topics will be in the work but because I to, have a life outside of, I'll get to them.

That's why I ask that you folks not pressure me to make them, as it is on a volunteer-bases.

But since none of you ever have, that's cool, just reminding. :)

Hope you enjoy this tutorial, and any comments are welcome from anyone on it!

God Bless, and take care!

URL download/listening link:

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