ISPConfig and Postfix not sending out local mail for users a

Hello all.

I was considering deploying an ISPConfig control panel on a Linode for a friend at some point, to make email administration a little easier.

I don't have a Linode at this time, but wanted to ask for any ISP config System administraters who might be on this forum to get back in touch, who use Postfix in particular.

What I wanted to know though is this.

An example of what I meant by local mail was:

WordPress auto-generated emails sent ot users confirming that they signed up for a blog account, etc.

Things of that nature.

Or if you run IRC, services system sending the needed confirmation codes to prevent automated registration on IRC.

Or a last example might be if you deploy MediaWiki on your system and you want it to auto-generate stuff for users.

That's what I meant by local mail.

I did install Postfix once when I had a Linode had one of my friend help me setup ISPConfig after following the Linode library documentation, only to have WordPress wich had previously sent out email just fine, and things like this, suddenly no longer be able to do so when it was not an error in Postfix running etc.

They just stopped being sent out.

WHy, I do not know.

Any future suggestions to actually make ISPConfig permit such stuff would be appreciated in future for the next time I get it deploied.


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It's generally not a good idea to deploy ISPConfig after you've already set other stuff up on your Linode. In some cases it may work as intended, but things can also go awry and you may not be able to use all of its features.

You may want to try installing ISPConfig and then installing WordPress and the like to see if that fixes it. If not, it could be that whatever binary that these applications are looking for no longer exists. Without seeing error logs (there will most likely be one somewhere) it's hard to say what the problem was.


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