OpenVPN and Dnsmasq - Startup Order

I have a problem with my OpenVPN and Dnsmasq configuration running on a Ubuntu 11.04 machine. The problem is that Dnsmasq is set to only listen on my "lo" and "tun0" interfaces and uses "bind-interfaces". But, the problem is that Dnsmasq starts before OpenVPN does, so Dnsmasq fails to start stating that tun0 does not exist.

How do I go about changing the order in which Ubuntu starts the services? I need it such that OpenVPN starts, then Dnsmasq starts.

Thanks in advance!

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check the init scripts, are openvpn and dnsmasq in /etc/init/ or /etc/init.d/

If in /etc/init/ edit the dns mask to start on tun0, if in init.d use update-rc.d defaults SS KK where SS is higher than openvpn's init.d and KK is lower (see the ubuntu man page for more details)


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